Update: The Inquisition on Ross Avenue

This is a quick update on Onlooker Slowdown’s earlier post about DISD teacher Elliott Monteverde-Torres, who was put on leave for accusations of unspecified misconduct after mailing a 12-page letter to the Texas Education Agency and DISD Interim Superintendent Alan King.

According to the Dallas Observer, Monteverde-Torres had received word that he would not be returning to the district in 2012-2013. He has been a probationary contract employee since his 2007 hire, which means that the district does not have to have cause to deny his renewal. Most districts, though, only use probationary contracts during an employee’s first year. After that, the contracts are called “term” contracts, and districts have to go through a lengthy series of steps to fire a teacher.

It would be worth knowing why Mr. Monteverde-Torres was kept for so long on a series of probationary contracts. If a teacher is not performing well on a probationary contract, a district will generally simply non-renew. Was DISD just keeping its requirements for due process at a minimum? Or making it easier to get rid of employees for financial purposes?

As we know more, so will you.


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