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Blood Moon

Posted in Theater of the Absurd on September 28, 2015 by onlookerslowdown

blood moon

Blood Moon

I know why the moon is red tonight.

I know it is just an eclipse or something, the earth getting in the way of the sun.

A thousand years ago, it might have made me

Run for the hills, thinking

The End was at hand.

Even though I know what I know what I know,

That red moon makes me wonder.

Where did all those monsters go, anyway?

Did Satan really become our own id?

Was Grendel just a myth? So that lake never really bubbled fire?

Or did science make them smarter too?

Are they now hiding behind the names of conditions and phobias and fears?

Or do they still lurk, inside us as they always were,

Only too ready to tear us to pieces?

You go watch your television.

I’m keeping an eye on this moon.